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All nominees should send their pictures or brand logo to [email protected] for nominee voting flyers. Thanks

Following the release of the WEST AFRICAN CITIZEN AWARDS nominees list few days ago, we are glad to inform you that the procedures and voting date is now officially out.

 The voting which commences on the 1st of July and ends 31st of July, 2018 will be an online voting through which the first five (5) who has the highest number of votes will be picked based on merit. 

At the next round of it which involves the five successful nominees who scaled through the online voting, they will have to be access through their achievements and records in categories in which they are nominated for. 

Thus, selection of the winner among the top 5 in each category will be based on their achievements. WAFRICA is of high standard. Being sentimental or biased will be the last thing. All nominees are enjoined to inform their love ones so as to get enough votes than their counterpart in the category they belong to. 

Kindly note the following: 

 1. You can only vote twice in every 24hours for a category using a system (computer) or smartphone (mobile)

 2. Voting starts on 1sh of July ends on July 31st 2018 

3. If you are having problem voting with Opera Mini browser kindly use another web browser. 

4. West African Citizens Awards has initiated a unique selection process. 
 Nominees take part in competitive ‘Online Voting’ and 5 finalist will emerge after which the winners will be selected based on their achievements in the category being nominated for. 

5. No form of sentiment will be involved in the course of knowing the best I'm each category. ....

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  1. the voting process is not going

  2. I want to be among the nominees owner of and

    how can I be among please procedures

  3. Please how can someone be nominated
    What are the procedures to get nominated

  4. I want to register myblog for this awards

  5. In most countries, voting is a right for every adult. Then why doesn't the entire adult population of a country go ahead to vote on the Election Day? Maybe because the voting center is too far.


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