An award platform targeted at rewarding creativity and hard working West African youths both at home and in diaspora


WAFRICAwards Theme Song Competition

There’s a noble history of great music giving peoples the extra push to achieve incredible things, and now we’re giving you the chance to add your name to the pantheon of inspirational anthems.
We’re looking for the song that will get hundreds of thousands of Africans on their feet for a great cause.
West African Citizens Awards
is pleased to announce the WAFRICwards Theme Song Competition.
The WAFRICA Theme Song competition is an opportunity for musicians and artistes across West Africa to exhibit their talents and be heard on a professional platform.

To take part in this competition, follow these instructions:

Submissions are now open for musicians and bands around West Africa to enter their song they think has what it takes to motivate Africans of all abilities to take Africa to greater height.

We’re looking for a tune that’s positive, uplifting, energetic and passionate. It doesn’t matter what genre, just so long as it compels you to lace up your running shoes and go out and make a difference.
The theme of the song is “Black Nature”.
Record your version, presenting a new take.
E-mail the song to [email protected]
Please include your full name, phone number and social media
Submission starts 1st of January 2017.
20 candidates will be shortlisted in each country and announced.
10 candidates will emerge in all country
1 Winner will be selected from these candidates.
The winners will win the opportunity to work and receive mentorship from a Top West African artiste.
In addition, the campaign will sponsor one music video for artiste whose song is judged as the overall best. Entries will be judged on their originality, creativity, lyrical content, melody, arrangement and overall appeal.
The WAFRICawards team remains focused on finding new and
creative ways to develop and nurture the entertainment industry in West Africa. We believe providing opportunities for young and talented musicians is one of the key means we have of ensuring the prosperity and progress of this great state.
The competition is open to all countries of West Africa, regardless of tribe or religion.
Be better than just okay. Black Nature
Be Great
“Imagine this: Your music will carry, motivate and
inspire West Africans around the globe. An anthem to
make people get out there to run and motivates others to greater success.”
What will my song be used for?
The song will be included in the media productions associated with the event.
Think of it as our anthem, the music that unites us.
Does my song have to be new?
You can submit a new song or one that has already been published or released.
What should my song be like?
Think of a tune that would make you want to go out and work. Positive, uplifting, energetic and passionate . We are looking for something that expresses what makesAfrican Black
Pop, Rock,Hip hop, Reggae, RnB, Rap – show us what you’ve got!
What do I get in return?
Global on- and offline exposure through the West African Citizens Awards. We’ll promote your song through all of our channels. We’ll also be looking into the possibility of a live performance of your song at The West African Citizens Awards Gala Ceremony. Also chance to record with one of West African best artiste and producer.
How many songs can I submit?
You may submit up to three (3) songs for this project.
When is the deadline?
You can submit your song(s) any time up to August 17th, 2017. The winner will be selected and informed by August 27th, 2017.
Do I need to pay to participate?
No! Your registration and submission to this project is free of charge.

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