An award platform targeted at rewarding creativity and hard working West African youths both at home and in diaspora


The West African Citizens Awards is a community of the most dynamic and influential leaders working to create change in West Africa and our community aims to contribute towards Africa’s prosperity by strengthening relationships between citizens to encourage collaboration and quality and competent hardwork.

The West African Citizens Award is an award to acknowledge the accomplishments of West Africans both at home and in diaspora. It is presented to West Africans that show the greatest promise of contribution to human well-being, through the creation and application of their activities, intellect and knowledge. The award also deems to encourage and support these citizens in their efforts and to showcase their impact on their communities on the local, national and international levels.
The West African Citizens Awards is giving out awards to businesses and individuals of diverse fields. The incredibly high ray of spotlight provided by the Awards, as well as the unrivaled access to a network of top entrepreneurs and business networks, will spur winners unto even more glorious heights in their respective fields.
West African Citizens Awards is serving as a forum for collaboration among Entrepreneurs, financial and political leaders, leading to the realization of creative ideas.

The West African Citizens Awards was launched to celebrate and showcase the wealth of talent, commitment, enthusiasm and ambition among West African Citizens.

West African Citizens Awards is a network that recognizes many individuals, groups, brands, and distinguished personalities.
We are celebrating excellence through the West African Citizens Awards, we strive to maintain a rich legacy as the body for recognizing Talented and Gifted Citizens in West Africa, both at home and in Diaspora.
We honor excellence without giving any special regard to individual’s personality, belief, social status, creed, or sex.
To fulfill our purpose and achieve our vision, we abide by the enduring values that are the foundation of our initiative.
Quality is ingrained in all our Values. Our practices and processes are designed to achieve quality results that exceed the expectations of all.